27 April 2011

Take away that worry and that strife....

Orphaned Hedgehog...yes they do come that small!!
Right now it's the busy season; known as orphan time for wildlife rescue centres up and down the country. There are rescues to go out on, animals to treat, babies to feed, cages to clean, release sites to organise; as well as meetings to attend and never ending fundraising. During the next few months everyone will be helping to rear and prepare baby animals for the 'Big Wild'. All the rescue organisations from the largest, right down to the Old Lady with her Hedgehog rescue in the shed, will be getting progressively noisier with all the chirps, tweets, growls and barks of all the young ones that have ended up on their doorsteps and all wishing there were more hours in the day. 

Fox release, Redhill, Surrey
Probably now more than ever they need your help, it's your chance to help make that difference for wildlife. You can help ease the financial burden and take away any worry so they can concentrate on getting the wildlife back to the wild. Not just by donating money, (but I'm sure they won't refuse!) but supplying the centres with the small things that they need; tins of cat/dog food, dog/cat biscuits, bird seed, newspapers, towels, feeding bottles, heat mats, pet bowls....the list is endless; and you may not have to spend any money or leave your home to get these things, why not use those Nectar points, Tesco vouchers, order what's needed on-line and get it delivered straight to the centre. All you have to do is find your local rescue centre (Google is free!) and give them a call, search for their website; ask them what they need and for very little effort, expenditure or time, you can really make a huge difference. Help alleviate the worry, especially in these tough financial times, and allow the rescue centres and their armies of dedicated volunteers to really concentrate on getting these animals back out to the wild where they belong.

Another success story following hours of dedication

With every rescue, with every animal brought in, there's the heartache of the ones lost and the jubilation of the ones that are saved and released back to the wild. Emotions and mental health is always tested to the maximum. It's a roller coaster ride every week, every day. In the past I've rescued a Heron that died 24hrs later, treated a Fox that I thought wouldn't make it and now with its pinned leg is doing fantastically, released 2 swans after they had flown into a power line and a fence, watched another fox give up its fight for life after so much time had been spent trying to save it, had a blackbird die in my hands, been bitten by a hedgehog that didn't move when it was rescued and is now well on the way to recovery, one Owl put to sleep and another released following a full recovery from a broken wing. But I, like loads of other rescuers and rehabilitators, wouldn't give any of this up for the world. I like to think I'm making a difference, doing my small bit for the little creatures that have no voice of there own. Helping preserve the future for our 'taken-for granted' wildlife and you can do the same. Help take the pressure off and go MAD4wildlife today.

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